Early Achievers Day Care Pre-School Program

The Path to Elementary School Starts Here!

We are more than just a regular day care program.  At Early Achiever's, we offer age appropriate programs to help prepare children for a successful transition to school.


Children learn through play and interactive activities, which allows them to develop their language and vocabulary skills. We also use storytelling, rhyming and acting games to help improve social skills or introduce specific concepts.

At Early Achiever's Pre-school, children learn the following concepts:

  • alphabets
  • numbers
  • colors and shapes
  • days
  • months
  • seasons
  • identify and write their first and last names
  • verbal awareness
  • home phone number and address

By the time your child attends their first day of regular school, he/she will have grasped the above concepts, or be well on the way to grasping such concepts.

Enroll your child at Early Achievers Day Care.


Please complete the Information Form and our site director will contact you to discuss your application and the next steps to have your child(ren) enrolled in our center.

If you have questions, please contact us at 516-503-0503 or send an email to earlyachieversdaycare@gmail.com.